Exploring Global Problems

8. Nanotoxicology and Nanotechnology – It’s in the Little things

July 27, 2021

Could nanotechnology, the technology as small as viruses, found in your mobile phone, see an end to animal testing? It sounds a bit sci-fi, but Professor Shareen Doak and her team thinks the answer is quite literally in the little things. When we say little we mean tiny, smaller than the width of a human hair. 

In this episode, Professor Doak delves into her team’s world of nano-genotoxicology. Their work looks at how these tiny particles used in day-to-day items, and medicines may cause DNA damage potentially causing cancer. 

Professor Doak’s work looks at how we can create regulatory tests and tools for nanotechnology as they proliferate in our societies. The tests she is developing are creating better and more reliable ways of testing products with the potential to leave the need to leave animal testing redundant.